Healthy Happy Brachys Project

What does “brachy” mean?

Short for Brachycephalic, meaning “shortened head”, it refers to the short nose and flat faces of breeds.

Brachy breeds include French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, British Bulldogs, and Boxers among many others. The popularity of these dogs has been on the rise in recent years, and many backyard breeders have seen an opportunity to profit financially from this.

Sadly when these breeds are not bred with the welfare of the dog in mind, there is potential for upper airway disorders, and many other issues as a result.

What is the project all about?

A passionate and extensive team of volunteers have been working together for the past few months to create an amazing calendar!

These include members of Brachycephalic breed clubs, rescues, and breeders, along with the creative talents of Concept Photography, Paperfort Studio, and Videographers.

This isn’t just ANY calendar though. Many owners of these breeds have been victim to inadequate information, and we are seeing a rise in poorly bred specimens glutting the market.

Unfortunately many dogs have suffered or have ended up in a rescue environment, due to this lack of information.

Why did we create this project?

Our goal is to provide accurate breed information for people wishing to purchase a Brachy breed responsibly. We aim to ensure we are protecting and preserving the wonderful breeds we all love, to reduce the number of surrendered animals.

Where are the proceeds being directed?

All profits from the Calendar will go straight to the French Bulldog Club of QLD Rescue to help in the rescue and re-homing of fur babies. Many are surrendered due to health issues, financial pressures, behavioural issues, and some even needing surgery that the old owners can’t afford.

This wonderful rescue doesn’t pass any judgement,  they simply take on these lovely dogs and provide love and affection, as well as vet care, before placing them into their forever home.    

Concept Photography

Concept Photography specialises in pet and equine photography.

We focus on creating an experience with people and their companions to enhance the memory of their beloved pets and capture the very essence of the bond between pets and owners. They are a part of our family and we love them so much, so how important is it to you to have memories of them?

Nowadays, with all the technology and opportunities to take many photos, we often forget them and mix them up in our thousand memory cards, phone and computer.

At Concept Photography, we offer different options for you to have the photos printed so you can actually cherish and enjoy quality photos that are unique to you.

After many years of experience with them we are able to tell you that love, knowledge, consistency and patience are the keys to life-enhancing experiences with animals. Each of them has their own personality, some stronger than others, older or younger, and this is what we hope to capture – that special aspect of their nature that has aligned itself with you, their precious owner. It doesn’t matter if they are your new pet or have been with you for their lifetime.

We will work together, make the best of it and have fun! Because this is what our work is all about – to have fun and create experiences and memories you will treasure in our photos!

Jennifer Chassagnol


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